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Freestyle Session World Finals 2014
San Diego, California

The Freestyle Session Word Finals ’14
 took place on November 8th and 9th, 2014 at the World Beat Center in San Diego, California as part of the 2014 Pro Breaking Tour’s Champions Series.  The event was organized by organized by Cros1 and paid $42,400 in cash prize money, a $10,000 Breitling watch, and the 1-on-1 winner earned a spot in this year’s Undisputed battle in London.  A panel of five judged the Open 1-on-1, the Open 3-on-3  formats.  There were performances by MC Supernatural, Marley {Havikoro), Battlestar Massive, DJ Q-Bert, S.O.U.L. Purpose, Wildchild & Baby Jack and Animation. The event was hosted by Cros1 along with Ivan the Urban Action Figure and the DJs for the battles were Skeme Richards, Lean Rock, Renegade, Charlie Rock, Fingaz, Abel, Element, Kogatarooo, DJ Koco, Fleg, Ervin Arana, Mane One, Mr. Hek, kidRIZ and Artistic.

Prize Money Breakdown


·        Open 1-v-1 Prize Distribution: $25,000 Cash + $10,000 Breitling Luxury Watch + Trip to Undisputed World Championship(London, England) event in December.


o   $10,000 for first place + a $10,000 Breitling luxury watch + qualification into the Undisputed bboy battle in December, 2014; $5,000 for second place; $1,600 for each semifinal loser (3rd-4th); $500 for each quarterfinal loser (5th-8th); $300 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th); $150 for each Round of 32 loser (17th-32nd).


·        Open 3-v-3 Crew Prize Distribution: $17,400 Cash + 3 Championship Rings + prizes from sponsors


o   $4,500 for first place; $2,400 for second place; $1,650 for each semifinal loser (3rd-4th); $600 for each quarterfinal loser (5th-8th); $300 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th); $150 for each Round of 32 loser (17th-32nd).


·        Judges for the Open 1-on-1, Open 3-on-3


1. Poe One: Style Elements / Rock So Fresh – Australia

2. Storm: Battle Squad – Germany

3. Wicket: Renegades – Austin, TX

4. Flo Master: Footwork Fanatix – Los Angeles, CA

5. Swift Rock: Battle Squad – Germany

It was one of the most anticipated events of the year and now that the dust has cleared, we have our champions from the Freestyle Session World Finals, Pro Breaking Tour, Champions Series event.  In the 1-on-1 battle, El Nino (Squadron/FloorLords) took first place over Gravity (Monster BBoys/5 Crew Dynasty), in the 3-on-3 it was The Squadron (El Nino, Victor, & Roxrite) who took first over Top9 (Tony Rock, Kosto, & Flying Buddha).  But it was certainly a long hard road for all the competitors.  BBoys and BGirls showed up from all corners of the globe to compete at this year’s World Finals event all hoping to grab a spot in the top 32 bracket.  With a payout at the top 32 level, all the breakers had incentive to give it their all in hopes to advance and with a steady flow of Monster Energy, the dancers had no trouble bringing their A-game.

Freestyle Session has always been a gathering of the worldwide bboy community and this year was no different.  There were familiar faces all around crossing multiple generations all getting down together in a unique venue with a vibe like no other.  It was an intimate jam with high stakes and a high level of talent, all taking place in beautiful San Diego where it all began for Freestyle Session so many years ago.  Just as we revisited old memories with the entry of the Poor Righteous Teachers (Kujo, Rawbzilla & Ace), a throwback to the Freestyle Sessions of yesteryear, we also made new memories of underdogs earning their stripes, such as Illz (Ground Illusionz / LOZ) from Toronto, Canada surprising everyone,  taking out a crowd favorite, Thesis in the round of 32 battles and making it all the way to the Top 4.  Freestyle Session has always been where legends were born and perhaps we have seen the start of something more for this rising talent who won a Challenger Series event earlier this year in Boston.    The Bgirls were definitely in the house as well with notable battles from the Japanese sisters, Narumi and Ayumi from Body Carnival, both making the Top 32 battles and giving their opponents quite the run for their money.

There was also a Popping battle in the second building which raged on while the bboys did their thing all day. That battle was won by Boogie Frantick of MZK & the kids battle, also in the second building was won by Zeku.

There were so many great battles throughout the weekend, some of which you can check out below in the video links.  Also below are great photos from Little Shao and Kien Quan who were on the prowl throughout the weekend looking for the perfect shots to capture the event.

Check back for more info to come!



Freestyle Session World Finals 2014 – Stance

Freestyle Session 2014 Undisputed Recap

Illz vs Thesis [1-on-1 Top 32]
Gravity vs El Nino [1-on-1 Final]
Squadron vs Top9 [3-on-3 Final]
Freestyle Session World Finals 2014 – Yak
Gravity vs El Nino [1-on-1 Final]
Freestyle Session World Finals 1on1 Slomo UDEF x YAK FILMS

Freestyle Session World Finals 3on3 Recap UDEF x YAK FILMS

Top Sets at Freestyle Session World Finals

Freestyle Session World Finals 2014 – Strife
El Nino vs illz [1-on-1 Semi-Final]
Niek vs Gravity [1-on-1 Semi-Final]
Freestyle Session World Finals 2014 – FlavaDM

Freestyle Session World Finals 2014 – Mason Rose

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