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Silverback Open Championships 15’ – Recap + Live Stream Replay | Monster Energy

Silverback Open Championships 2015

$90,150 in Cash Prize Money

The Silverback Open Championships ’15
took place on October 10th and 11th 2015 at the YSC Sports complex outside of Philadelphia as part of the 2015 Pro Breaking Tour’s Champions Series. The event was organized by Silverback Bboy Events and paid $90,150 in cash prize money, plus trips for several winners to the Freestyle Session World Finals in Los Angeles, as well as a trip to compete at Undisputed in Marseille, France for the 1-on-1 Open winner. The 1-on-1 Open and 1-on-1 Bgirl winners also received a Mackie Freeplay Portable PA Speaker with the optional lithium ion battery allowing for 10 hours of continuous music. A panel of seven judged the 1-on-1 Open, the 3-on-3 Open and the 1-on-1 Bgirl with two alternates in case a judge happens to be in the same crew as a competitor.  The preliminary battles expanded the judging panel to five judges for each cypher.

Like all competitions, there can only be one first place winner and the Silverback Open Championships had it’s well deserving victors in every category. In the 1-on-1 Open battle, Victor (MF Kidz) took first place over Issei (Found Nation), in the 3-on-3 Open it was 7 Commandoz (Hong10, Wing, Skim) who took first over Polskee Flavor (Kleju, Yarko, Thomas), and for the Bgirls it was Narumi (Body Carnival) over Macca (360 Flava) in the 1-on-1 Bgirl final.


Prize Money Breakdown


  • 1-on-1 Open Prize Distribution: $45,650 Cash + Freestyle Session World Final Round Trip Flight + a trip to compete in the Undisputed in Marseille, France

o $15,000 for first place + round trip flight to Freestyle Session Word Finals (November 7th & 8th; Los Angeles, CA) + a trip to compete in the Undisputed in Marseille, France; $7,500 for second place + round trip flight to Freestyle Session Word Finals; $2,500 for each semifinal loser (3rd-4th) + round trip flight to Freestyle Session Word Finals; $1,000 for each quarterfinal loser (5th-8th); $500 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th); $200 for each Round of 32 loser (17th-32nd); $100 for each top 100 loser (33rd-100th). Additionally $50 each ($150 total) was awarded to Vakho, Saewl, and Thesis.


  • 1-on-1 Bgirl Battle Prize Distribution: $7,000 Cash for the top 8 Bgirl qualifiers (selected from the 1-on-1 Open prelims)

o $3,500 for first place; $1,250 for second place; $625 for each semifinal loser; $250 for each quarterfinal loser.


  • 3-on-3 Open Crew Prize Distribution: $37,500 Cash + 3 Freestyle Session World Final Round Trip Flights

o $9,000 for first place + 3 Round trip flight to Freestyle Session Word Finals (November 7th & 8th; San Diego, CA); $4,500 for second place; $3,000 for each semifinal loser (3rd-4th); $1,200 for each quarterfinal loser (5th-8th); $750 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th); $450 for each Round of 32 loser (17th-32nd).


Judges for the 1-on-1 Open, 3-on-3 Open and 1-on-1 Bgirl Battles:

1. Poe One: Style Elements

2. Ken Swift: 7 Gemz

3. Free: Circle of Fire

4. Focus: Flow Mo

5. Ghost: Lionz of Zion

6. Wicket: Renegade Rockers

7. Yan the Shrimp: All the Most

8. Ruen: Killafornia [alternate]

9. Nabil: Vagabonds [alternate]

10. Napalm: Lionz of Zion [prelim]

11. Charles: Soul Control [prelim]

12. Profo: Floor Gangz [prelim]

13. Renegade: Soul Mavericks [prelim]

14. Bebe: Ground Zero [prelim]

15. Jayrawk: Style Elements [prelim]

The DJs for the weekend were BlesOne (Don’t Talk to the Cops), Fleg (Lionz of Zion) and Foxx Boogie (Repstyles) with support from DJ Scream (South Front).

Monster Energy was in the house with free giveaways of Monster Energy beverages and alongside them were vendors from all over the US, providing gear from within the bboy scene.

If you want to relive a little of the action, check out the great media below from photographers and videographers that attended the event.

Photo Links:

Dance Mogul Magazine featured UDEF’s Pro Breaking Tour and the 2015 Silverback Open, dedicating an entire issue to the competitive breaking scene. See great photos in this 76-page issue from Little Shao, Kien Quan and KBev, as well as video links from Mason Rose, .stance, Yak Films and Strife TV. Free Online Link: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/993898?__r=443783

Video Links:








Prize Money Breakdown:


Silverback Open 2015 | Film by Mason Rose | UDEF x Monster Energy


Live Stream | Day 1 | 1-on-1 Open & 1-on-1 Bgirl

Live Stream | Day 2 | 3-on-3 Open

Monster Moments | Silverback Open ’15 Recap by .stance

Silverback Open 2015 Bboy Battles | UDEF x SILVERBACK x YAK

Silverback Open 2015 SuperSlomo BBOY BATTLE | UDEF x Silverback x YAK

Little Shao – Day 1 Images

Little Shao – Day 2 Images

Kien Quan – Day 1 Images

Kien Quan – Day 2 Images

KBevPhoto – Best Images

KBevPhoto – Day 1 Pics

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