Silverback Open 2018 1v1 Automatics

Silverback Open Championships 2018


2300 Arena, 2300 S. Swanson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

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Daily Schedule: 

  • Preliminaries: 11AM to 4PM
  • Final Rounds: 5PM to 9PM

Events by Day: 

  • October 27 (Saturday):
    1-v-1 Open: Open to all competitors
    1-v-1 B-Girl: Limited to females
  • October 28 (Sunday): 
    3-v-3 Crew: Open to all competitors
    1-v-1 U14: Limited to Breakers born either during 2004 or thereafter; co-ed competition

Silverback Open Championships 2018 – Open 1v1 on October 27, 2018

  • As has been the case in prior years, there will be no entry fee for competitors in the Silverback Open (the event is free for competitors and anyone can enter the prelims).
  • The Open 1v1 format this year will include 32 qualifiers from the prelims.
  • These 32 breakers will compete in one round tie-breakers for 16 spots in the Round of 32 vs 16 automatics selected by the Silverback Open.
  • So, 32 breakers will make it through the prelims into a one-round tie-breaker, and from that tie-breaker 16 breakers will be selected to compete in the final 32 versus 16 automatics.
  • Following below is a summary of the criteria to qualify for an automatic slot – several slots will be reserved for wild card invites.

Automatics into Final 32 (16 will be selected) – 2018 selection criteria below:

  1. Silverback Open 1v1 Open Winners for 2015, 2016 and 2017: Winners of the past three Silverback Open’s: 2015 Victor, 2016 Thesis and 2017 Issei.
  2. Leading Two Breakers in UDEF 1v1 Tour Standings for 2018: The leading two breakers in the YTD 2018 UDEF 1v1 Tour standings. There have been eleven 1-v-1 events so far in 2018 including the Silverback Open on October 27-28 in Philly. If one of the two top breakers in the 1v1 Tour standings has already qualified as an automatic through other criteria or is unavailable, then the next breaker on the 1v1 standings list after the August 10th event would be selected. After ten events, Zeku is in 1st (50 points), Victor in 2nd (33 points) and Fleau in 3rd (25 points). Victor has already qualified through other criteria, so Zeku and Fleau qualify.
  3. UDEF 1v1 Tour Winner for 2017: The Tour 1v1 winner from 2017. In 2017, there was a three-way tie for first between El Niño, Issei and Thesis.
  4. Winners of Two International 1v1 Events in 2018: Winners of two Undisputed Series 1v1 events YTD in 2018, Unbreakable, Battle Pro, Outbreak Europe and IBE. Stripes won Unbreakable and Issei won Battle Pro. 
  5. Undisputed Finals Winners for 2015, 2016 and 2017: Winners from the Undisputed Finals in the past three years. This includes Victor (2015 and 2017) and Thesis (2016).
  6. BC One Winners for 2016, 2017 and 2018: Winner of 2016 (Issei), 2017 (Menno), and 2018 (Lil Zoo) – since 2018 winner Lil Zoo is unavailable, and 2018 finalist Luigi is also unavailable, an additional wildcard slot has been awarded.  
  7. Wildcards: In addition to the qualifiers who qualify under the above-noted criteria, the Silverback Open will invite additional breakers as wild cards into the final 32, based upon their performance in competitions during 2017 and 2018.

Current Automatics into the Final 32 of the Open 1v1 Based on Above-Noted Criteria (16 automatics will be selected):

1.  Issei – (Silverback 2017, UDEF Tour 1v1 2017, BC One 2016, Battle Pro 2018)
2.  Thesis – (Silverback 2016, UDEF Tour 1v1 2017, Undisputed Finals 2016)
3.  Victor – (Silverback 2015, Undisputed Finals 2015 and 2017)
4.  El Nino – (UDEF Tour 1v1 2017)
5.  Stripes – (Unbreakable 2018)
6.  Menno – (BC One 2017)
7.  Zeku – (UDEF Tour 1v1 2018 YTD)
8.  Fleau – (UDEF Tour 1v1 2018 YTD)
9.  Vero – (Wildcard)
10.  Hong 10 – (Wildcard)
11.  Shigekix – (Wildcard)
12.  Dr. Hill – (Wildcard)
13.  Phil Wizard – (Wildcard)
14.  Lil Kev – (Wildcard)
15.  Kuzya – (Wildcard)
16.  Bumblebee – (Wildcard)