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For years the Pro Breaking Tour, the Silverback Open and Freestyle Session have offered free coaching and travel support to competitions to elite-level UDEF breakers. For the current year, UDEF is focusing the majority of its support on breakers born in 2000 and thereafter, specifically targeting international-caliber competitive breakers who are dedicated to becoming among the top competitors in the world. Youth breakers from all countries in the world are eligible for such UDEF support.

UDEF Youth Support for Breakers Born in 2000 and Thereafter

  1. Free coaching plus travel subsidies for selected competitions will be offered to breakers born in 2000 and thereafter, who have demonstrated success in competition at an international level.
  2. UDEF’s competition staff will review video footage and competition results submitted by interested breakers born in 2000 and thereafter.
  3. UDEF plans to provide support to 100 elite-level youth breakers selected by its competition staff.
  4. If you are a registered with UDEF as a Tour Competitor, please submit questions, video links and results here: Questions for UDEF
  5. If you are not yet a registered as a Tour Competitor, please register first: Tour Competitor Registration