Silverback Open Championships 2018 – Bgirl – 1-v-1

Silverback Open Championships 2018
Presented by the Pro Breaking Tour Sanctioned by UDEF

Champions Series
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The Bgirl 1v1 Battle is an open competition for females of any age. All competitors must be registered UDEF Competitors who have consented to the terms of the current UDEF Competitor Agreement and, if under 18, have a signed consent of a parent or guardian to the terms of the current UDEF Competitor Agreement. All forms will be available for completion at the venue on the day of competition. For the Open and U14 competitions, click here.
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2300 Arena
2300 S Swanson Street
Philadelphia, PA


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1 vs. 1 Competition

1. Gearz
2. A-Tek
3. Medusa
4. Bboy edwardDouble impact
5. HANADynamic Kids
6. Pep-CG.C.O.S
8. FlyyaKung Fu Hustle
9. NoePressing danz
10. ElasticflexRBN Venezuela
11. ShekinahSpeedy Angels