Silverback Open Championships 2018 – Bgirl – 1-v-1

Silverback Open Championships 2018
Presented by the Pro Breaking Tour Sanctioned by UDEF

Champions Series
Powered by Monster Energy

The 1v1 B-Girl Battle is scheduled for Saturday, October 27th. On that day, preliminaries will begin at 11:00am and the final rounds will begin at 5:00pm.

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The Bgirl 1v1 Battle is an open competition for females of any age. All competitors must be registered UDEF Competitors who have consented to the terms of the current UDEF Competitor Agreement and, if under 18, have a signed consent of a parent or guardian to the terms of the current UDEF Competitor Agreement. All forms will be available for completion at the venue on the day of competition.

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2300 Arena
2300 S Swanson Street
Philadelphia, PA


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1 vs. 1 Competition

1. Macca
2. Veri
3. SK
4. Gearz
5. Ayumi
6. Ami
7. Bgirl Triplet
8. A-Tek
9. Allison
10. Booyaka
11. Natasha
12. Kate
13. B-girl Mery
14. Rox
15. B. Girl KMILA
16. Haruka
17. Medusa
18. Vanessa
19. Bgirl Nat
20. Hels
21. MeelisaAMazzzonki crew
22. SaraB.A.D
23. PaulinaBreaknuts
25. LumaCrew Peligrosos
26. A-B-girlDomestic Apes / Street Masters NYC
27. Bboy edwardDouble impact
28. HanaDynamic Kids
30. HybridDynamic Rockers
31. KayzillaDynamic Rockers/ QCB
32. Bgirl ConnieEndo Fx
33. Bgirl GenesisFlooristas
34. BGirl Charline FKFlow Killerz
35. LucieFresh Tempo
36. MantisFull Circle Souljahs
37. BGirl Dr.CFull Clip
38. Pep-CG.C.O.S
40. MamaHardcore Detroit
41. MartaIllusion of exist
42. KepsaIn'Lak Ech
44. JilouJimakeno / Nin10do
45. T-ZeeKC Tribe/Ground30
46. Bgirl Miss SofistikatedKaos
47. FlyyaKung Fu Hustle
48. BetLadies Adios
49. B*Girl J*La-RoCNBK/Ladies Adios
50. FanyOvni
51. NoePressing danz
52. ElasticflexRBN Venezuela
53. Mim’sSoul Vibrations
54. ShekinahSpeedy Angels
55. PaulineStyles Confidential
56. MillySwift Characters Krew
57. Sweet DSwift Characterz Krew
58. La VixThe Calamities/Soul Shifters/Fourth World
59. MangandyThe family crew y break in peace crew
60. Bgirl alejandraThe woman style crew
61. Tru from txUnb
62. AliciaUnderdogz
63. LogistxUnderground Flow
64. ShawnyVertical Ambition
65. TatiWarrior Mode
66. Bgirl RelWarrior Mode
67. KamiYeah Yellow
68. Sarah beeZamounda crew